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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing the Police Station Representatives Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS)

  • Datalaw Admin
  • Apr 5, 2017
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The routes into law and legal services are changing and more accessible than ever before. Under the SRA's 'changing for tomorrow' initiative, one does not necessarily have to attend University and embark upon an expensive Legal Practice course to enter into a career in law. There are numerous law apprenticeships available wherein you can earn whilst you learn and gain experience in various areas of law and the various roles to be undertaken. Leaving college or an existing career can be an uncertain time and committing to a three year degree in a subject you've no experience of isn't always the best option.


A great alternative or accompaniment to a law apprenticeship is the Police Station Representative Accreditation Scheme. A Police Station Rep. provides advice and legal assistance to suspects at the police station in a similar way to a solicitor. We've put together 5 reasons why we think someone considering a career in law should consider doing the PSRAS.


1. Police Station Reps. gain a great amount of knowledge in criminal law and procedure. When attending on suspects regularly, negotiating issues with police, analysing evidence and advising on the law you will quickly become more expert in criminal matters than your fellow apprentices. In addition, you will encounter numerous client care matters such as ethical and professional conduct issues and be able to apply appropriate professional standards.


2. Police Station Reps. can work as flexibly as they require. Whether working for one firm, or freelancing, you can specify your own hours to fit around apprenticeships, work and family commitments. Many Police Station Reps. are students and use this flexibility to schedule their hours to suit lectures and exams.


3. Getting into law, and crime particularly, is pretty competitive. As a Police Station Rep. you will already have an advantage on many potential apprentices/juniors when applying for roles. You'll have already shown a commitment and enthusiasm for criminal law, the skills and knowledge required for such work and that you have the initiative to independently make a start on your career.


4. When attending the police station regularly you will come across many familiar faces, both your clients and other reps/solicitors. When applying for a role at local firms, already being known as a good representative will provide a great advantage and you may hear about opportunities that arise through your contacts. Additionally, as can happen, you may represent particular clients numerous times and can take these on as own clients when employed at a firm, which will make you very popular!


5. Whilst you may be applying for many law apprenticeships, it can take a while to be accepted and being able to earn whilst in this process can ease a lot of pressure and stress. You can earn a full time wage as a Police Station Rep. or take on attendances part time in addition to another role.


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