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Mays CPD Releases

  • Datalaw Admin
  • May 3, 2018
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Course TitleAreaSpeakerRelease DateCPDDescription
Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing - A Guide for SolicitorsSRA Regulatory & ComplianceAlastair Hodge2-May0.5-1Essential for all members of staff, this course will provide viewers with an overview on the law relating whistleblowing, as well as other SRA reporting requirements.
Road Traffic Law for Criminal PractitionersCrimeColin Beaumont2-May0.5-1Aimed at criminal practitioners including police station representatives, this course will provide viewers with an essential overview of recent developments in road traffic law, practice and procedure.
Legislation Update 2018CrimeColin Beaumont2-May0.5-1This course will ensure that practitioners are aware of new legislation developments such as increased penalties for harassment and amendments to the sexual offences act 2003.
Police Station ForensicsCrimeColin Beaumont2-May0.5-1This course is essential for anyone advising suspects at the Police Station where part of the evidence gathering process involves forensics
Housing and Planning Act 2016 UpdateLandlord & TenantRichard Quenby8-May0.5-1Aimed at landlord and tenant practitioners, this session will provide viewers with an overview of some of the key provisions of the Housing and Planning Act 2016.
MEES UpdateLandlord & TenantRichard Quenby8-May0.5-1This session will ensure that landlord and tenant practitioners are familiar with the latest developments in respect of Minimum Energy Efficient Standards (MEES) including the changes introduced in April 2018.
Damages and Judicial ReviewJudicial ReviewDean Kingham8-May0.5-1This session will set out the statutory principles and relevant case law with regard to arguing for damages in judicial review cases
Duty of Candour and FOI Requests Before The JR is PleadedJudicial ReviewDean Kingham8-May0.5-1Disclosure, utilising the FOI Act is a key part of JR pre-action. This session will offer guidance on how to frame questions to ensure you get the information you need
Client Care - A Team ApproachLFM - Client RelationsMac Mackay14-May Your whole firm must deliver excellent customer service if your business is to succeed. This bite-size session will show you how to encourage your employees to adopt a team approach to client care.
Ethics and ProfessionalismRegulatory & MandatoryMac Mackay14-May This session will outline the ethical and professional standards expected of all client-facing staff and will offer guidance on how to ensure that this standard is adhered to.
Right to WorkEmployment / ImmigrationBen Amunwa21-May2.5-5Aimed at employment and immigration law practitioners, this 5-part webinar will consider the right to work system in the UK.
Home WorkingEmploymentSteph Barber21-May0.5-1Aimed at those who supervise others, this session will discuss what you need to consider before introducing a work from home policy at your firm.
Understanding Joint EnterpriseCrimeOlwen Davies29-May0.5-1Suitable for criminal practitioners of all levels, this session will examine the concept of joint enterprise with reference to the Supreme Court decision in R v Jogee
Unfit to Plead in the Mags CourtCriminal AdvocacyOlwen Davies29-May0.5-1Confusion surrounds the fitness to plead procedure in the Magistrates' Court. This session aims to provide viewers with clarity regarding this increasingly common defence.
Meaningful Appraisals - 3 Step ProcessLFM - Managing PeopleLaw Hound29-May This session will explain why employee appraisals are crucial to your business and will offer practical guidance on appraisals best practice
Effective Employee FeedbackLFM - Managing PeopleLaw Hound29-May Do you know how to provide effective, genuine feedback which will not only benefit the recipient, but your firm as a whole? If not, this course will show you how.

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