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Professional Skills Course - Meet the Tutors

  • Datalaw Admin
  • Apr 5, 2017
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Datalaw's Professional Skills Course has been developed by experienced and practised lecturers, with specific skills and enthusiasm for their specialism. The SRA described our PSC materials as 'outstanding, thoughtful, focussed and very well structured', which is thanks to our talented tutors. So who are they?


Alastair Hodge - Alistair is our specialist Civil Advocacy and Communication Skills lecturer. He is an experienced and popular barrister within Employment Law, acting for both employers and employees. Alistair is renowned for his entertaining style and delivers informative and enjoyable seminars. Some feedback he has received includes 'Entertaining, compelling and above all funny', 'Best speaker I have ever heard' and 'How anyone can make data protection so amusing is beyond me'. Datalaw (and our delegates) are very lucky to have him on board our Professional Skills Course


Adrian 'Mac' Mackay - Mac has worked with Datalaw for many years and we're delighted to have him deliver the Client Care and Professional Standards module. With extensive experience, Mac delivers thought provoking and expert lectures. Having written and published text books and various articles, Mac is a leader in his field as a Chartered Manager and Chartered Marketer. He is a favourite with many Datalaw users and regularly receives some of the best feedback.  


Tracey Calvert - Tracey is a highly experienced regulatory compliance specialist with extensive knowledge of legal ethics, professional conduct, financial services and anti money laundering regulation. She delivers many popular lectures for Datalaw and is our Financial and Business Skills tutor. Tracey has many years experience working for both The Law Society and SRA and delivers an expert module which perfectly prepares delegates for their examination.  


Colin Beaumont - Colin is another Datalaw favourite who regularly receives great feedback and is our Criminal Advocacy and Communication Skills tutor. He is a consultant for a major criminal legal aid firm and has been a duty solicitor for many years. With extensive knowledge and skill in all criminal matters, Colin delivers informative and beneficial lectures to trainees.  





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