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Profitable Police Station and Magistrates Court Billing

  • Datalaw Admin
  • Feb 12, 2019
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There are some luxuries in life that we may not always appreciate, but when they are needed we are grateful for. Law Enforcement is one of those luxuries. Unfortunately. Police stations and Magistrates can’t run on gratefulness. Instead, revenue is required to fund employees and the functionality of the police stations and magistrate courts.

While individuals on the receiving end of the police station and magistrates fees may not be too keen on them, billable fees are pertinent to ensuring the ability and environment to provide safety and judgement to the communities. It is important, for you as an individual who may be billing fees, to know and understand the weight they hold in contributing to the functionality of the police stations or magistrate courts in your community.

It is important to note the main reason these fees may be called in to question in the first place: Revenue and Production Costs.

Most individuals consider don’t consider the fact that, though these things are public service, they still must be run like a business. Without funding to provide the best possible services, uniforms, and working environments to employees the community begins to suffer. While it is a wonderful thing to know that the previous budget cut was lifted a few years ago, this could happen again at any time. Knowing this, as a business, it is necessary to be aware of how these operations can begin to generate enough revenue that if another budget cut were to occur, the functions of business would not be affected. At least not as bad.

So how do you contribute?

Knowing what standard fees, court costs, criminal fees, etc., ensures you are maximizing each and every opportunity to bill and collect fees. Each of these opportunities increases the revenue flowing back into police stations and magistrates billing, making them more profitable to continue running.

Considering how necessary it is to have a large operating budget, human resources, employees, vehicles, etc., the financial aspect of any police station or magistrate office is key. The funds collected from these fees tend to play a major role in creating revenue for operating costs that may fall outside of the current or future operating budget.

In the “Profitable billing of police stations and magistrate courts” course, much of the information and resources are taught in order for individuals to better understand what the billing process is. More importantly, depending on an individual’s role within the police station or magistrate course, how this billing and collecting procedures may directly impact specific jobs and resources available to that particular individual. Meaning you.

No matter if you are a current or future employee in the billing or collecting role, it is imperative to understand the ins and outs of the billing process to know what affects it may have on the station or court from a business perspective.  

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