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The Balance Of Lawyer Work And Life

  • Datalaw Admin
  • Jun 12, 2019
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Living a satisfying and meaningful life requires lots of hard work and planning which usually, result in a shift in the balance of the life and work of workers. Law firms, lawyers, solicitors, professional law practitioners, need to strike a balance in their life and work since success as a lawyer requires a no boundaries mindset, work to the wee hours, a Continuous working process as the firm grows, as a prestigious position and career requires more hours, working even on weekends, nights and vacations. The need for a balance in the life of a lawyer serving as an employee to an employer is very necessary, as the employer themselves take time off once in a while to relax and recover from stress. Majority of firms are now implementing strategies to help achieve a perfect balance of life and work, making use of alternative work arrangements. This ' alternative work arrangements' include:

Ø  Flextime

Ø  Telecommuting

Ø  Part-time

Ø  Job sharing

Telecommuting is a means for balancing the work and life of attorneys and lawyers, it involves working from home, lawyers can be allowed to choose some days they can be working from the comfort of their homes rather been in the office 24/7, this procedure help to reduce commute time and unavoidable work distraction, many firms are now adopting this method of balancing the work and life of their employees, which in turn has contributed greatly to the productivity and efficiency of law firms, solicitor and  professional personnel (Human Resource staffs  working in a law firm).

Flextime, here lawyers are able to vary their work time depending on the decision they reach with their superiors. Some work time may start late and close earlier or start earlier and close late, hence availing a flextime opportunity for the lawyers.

Part-time work arrangements make it possible for lawyers to work for some scheduled and agreed time for their employers, the job time can be shared between two part-time workers in a way that there's no downtime in the whole working hours, the part-time law workers now have the time to focus on improving their life and explore other life activities to make their life worthwhile.

Job sharing involves sharing a given job position between two part-time lawyers in such a way that both of them can either be working together on cases at hand thereby saving time and improving the  rate of completion of a given case or they can separately be working on the different cases on hand, thereby also improving the time of completion of cases on hand and giving the lawyers more time especially when they have done all that needs to be done.

Most the firm has now been offering most of their employees an on-site fitness club and provision of child care facilities for caring parents those who have made use of the alternative work arrangements have benefited, some " mostly young lawyers" on the other hand are still finding it hard to maintain a healthy work-life scheduled as they are scared of using the alternative work arrangement present In a given law firm, since they have to first prove themselves to their employees that they are hardworking, since most lawyers who have adopted these procedures have been viewed as either lazy or partly dedicated to their jobs and aren't fit for promotion.

There are some steps that can help a lawyer to achieve a perfect balance of work and life;

«  Take control of their time; lawyers can set time aside for themselves, they can notify their assistance if they have one, scheduled time on their digital Watch or calendar on time for leisure and other activities

«  Adopt a flexible working pattern; a rigid working habit without taking time off to unplug will only make the work of a lawyer to be more hectic and monotonous.

«  Use of time conservative tools

«  Meticulous job approach

«  Restriction of unnecessary downtime

The above can to balance the time spent by a lawyer in his job so that he doesn't allow it to create an unhealthy life pattern.

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