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Top 5 Tips for Completing the Professional Skills Course Exam

  • Datalaw Admin
  • Apr 5, 2017
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As part of your Professional Skills Course you will complete a 90 minute written exam for the Financial and Business Skills core module. As the only assessed component of the PSC, many delegates can become overly stressed by focusing on this rather small part of the course. The aim of the Professional Skills Course is to compliment your ongoing training and develop the professional skills required for admission to the roll. Becoming bogged down on this one exam could hamper what you take from the rest of the course, so take a look at our top five tips for success in the exam and don't stress out!


1. For any multiple choice questions, think of your answer before reading the options. You will know the answer to the question - the exam you sit will be 2 or 3 days after taking the Financial and Business Skills course so all the information will be fresh in your mind. So, instead of reading each option straight away and becoming confused, write down your initial thoughts on some scrap paper and you'll realise you already have the answer.


2. Multiple choice option answers may be worded similarly so it is essential that you re-read each one carefully. It may be good practice to make a note next to any similar options with what the difference between them actually is, just to streamline your thoughts.


3. There will be at least one essay question on your exam paper - so plan your time to answer these appropriately. The front page of the exam will tell you how many questions are on the paper and their format; on your scrap paper plan how much time you have to devote to each section.


4. Make a short plan for your essays. Read the question, make notes on your initial thoughts and create a quick plan for how you will broach the answer. It doesn't need to take long, or even be legible as it's just for yourself, but taking a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts before diving in will make a lot of difference to the structure of your answer.


5. Remember your LPC. You successfully passed numerous exams whilst studying the Legal Practice Course as well as during your undergraduate degree, so by now you're more versed than most in exam technique. The only reason you could have for not passing is lack of preparation, which is wholly in your hands.

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