Continuing Competence Toolkit for Managers Saving of £ 70.00 for Individuals

Under the SRA’s competency based approach to learning and development, solicitors are being asked to reflect upon aspects of their role and practice other than their technical legal knowledge; To ensure compliance with these new requirements, Datalaw have put together a selection of courses which will address the following areas of the SRA Competence Statement:

Working with other people – Solicitors must demonstrate their ability to delegate, supervise and clearly communicate their expectations

Managing themselves and their own work – Solicitors must demonstrate their ability to assess the scope and objectives of their work, manage the resources available within the timeframe agreed and monitor and report upon the performance of those they supervise.

Applying good business practice – Solicitors must demonstrate that they understand the commercial and financial contact in which they work, for example how to calculate and manage costs and the billing of clients.

Comprising Assessing Performance in Legal Practice – For Managers, SRA Compliance – Holding Client Money and Risk Management for SRA Firms, this bundle will encourage solicitors to reflect upon their own practice and will offer guidance on how practitioners can improve their knowledge and skills in respect of the following areas of firm and people management:

  • Finance – The regulatory risks and practicalities of holding client money in escrow
  • Risk management, investigation and reporting
  • Assessing employee performance and performance metrics

Providing 6 CPD hours of training, this bundle will ensure that practitioners appreciate the importance of managerial effectiveness and how this can be achieved.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the regulatory risks associated with holding client money and how these can be avoided
  • Be familiar with how the SRA uses the information which your firm provides and how risk drives authorisation and supervision decisions
  • Have increased confidence when undertaking employee performance assessments and reviews

Intended Audience

Practice managers, partners and employees who would like to understand how to ensure the stability of your firm through effective financial and people management

Courses Included in this Bundle

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