Support Staff

‘Support staff’ is an all-encompassing term; Incorporating legal secretaries, receptionists and paralegals, amongst others, it often fails to reflect the importance of such members of staff or the contribution which they make to the smooth running of a successful business. Personal and professional development is essential for all members of staff and is crucial for support staff seeking to carve out a career within the legal sector. The courses within the Support Staff Collection have been selected to ground employees in practical areas including cybercrime, anti-money laundering and GDPR and will assist viewers develop the key skills which they require for career development and progression, namely client care skills and communication.

Courses Included in this Collection

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Khayrul Islam

David Murray

Excellent course. Has helped me continue my GDPR journey

Emtiaj Hossain

Heather Rayner

Veronica Oghomeh

Azim Walters

Lynn Bevan

Ruth Scarisbrick

Helpful and interesting

Alastair Douglas

Great overview.

Philip Kaye

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