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QOCS -Traps for the Unwary

Qualified one-way costs shifting (QOCS) is where a successful ... read more

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How to Manage Support Staff

Recent advancements in technology used by law firms have blu ... read more

£ 120

How to Conduct and Analyse Client Satisfaction Surveys

Client satisfaction is a key predictor of client retention, ... read more

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Managing Client Boundaries

Professional boundaries are essential when defining effective a ... read more

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Client Care - A Team Approach

Unless you are a genuine sole practitioner working alone wit ... read more

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Homeworking - What You Need to Consider

For people who are self-motivated, comfortable spending long ... read more

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SRA Management Course Stage 2 2018

From the SRA Handbook, Section 2, Chapter 7: Management of y ... read more

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How to Set-up Your Own Firm

While the prospect of opening your own law firm is an exhila ... read more

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Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing - A Guide for Solicitors

Whistleblowing in the workplace can be difficult for any ind ... read more

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Making Your Workplace Disability Confident

Designed to encourage and support employers who recruit and ... read more

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How to Deal with Employee Capability Issues

When an employee is not performing as they should it can hav ... read more

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Mentoring And Its Benefits

Mentoring it a two-way street based on mutual trust and resp ... read more

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Ethics and Professionalism

OK, so as a qualified solicitor you know and abide by the SR ... read more

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Motivating Support Staff / Non Fee Earners

On a daily basis you rely on non-fee earners to ensure that ... read more

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Meaningful Appraisals - 3 Step Process

Employees are one of, if not the most important assets at a ... read more

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Sharing Your Goals With Your Workforce

Irrespective of any professional standards which you may nee ... read more

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Applying Good Business Practice

Providing sound legal advice and getting paid for it is a fu ... read more

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How to Make and Keep a Customer

The course title comes from the prolific management writer P ... read more

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