SRA Investigation and Enforcement

With the number of SRA interventions into law firms continuing to ... read more

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PSRAS CIT Support Package

This package includes the Police Station Representatives Acc ... read more

£ 295

Conflicts and Confidentiality What the SRA Expects

The SRA’s approach to regulatory compliance is outcome focus ba ... read more

  • (4.1)

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The role of solicitors compliance officers

This course, delivered by experienced lecturer Steph Barber, will ... read more

  • (4.5)

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PSRAS CIT Support Course

Prepare for the CIT in your own time with our online support ... read more

  • (5.0)

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SRA Entry, Exit and Renewal

This course is a definitive guide to the SRA Practising Regulatio ... read more

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The SRA Handbook Compliance in Action

As you will be aware, the SRA has operates an outcomes-focused an ... read more

  • (4.5)

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CLC Regulation

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) are a small, but ... read more

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Boosting Performance by Managing Professional Stress

Not usually visible to the outside observer, work related stress ... read more

  • (3.7)

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Work Life Balance

Maintaining the lawyer work life balance is a difficult task ... read more

  • (3.9)

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Equality and Diversity - The Integrated Workforce

Delivered by experienced lecturer Sue Edwards of Law Hound, ... read more

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Communication in the workplace

Delivered by experienced lecutrer Sue Edwards, this one hour cour ... read more

  • (3.8)

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