Technical Legal Knowledge

Evidence in Domestice Abuse Cases

This webinar looks at recent case law dealing with evidence in do ... read more

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Community Penalty Notices

Local authorities are increasingly using Community Protection Not ... read more

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Dismissal - An Update for Lawyers

A dismissal is the termination of an individual's employment by t ... read more

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HRA Bundle for Criminal Practitioners

This course is essential viewing for those who have the Higher Ri ... read more

£ 150

Giving References

According to Acas Senior Advisor Tom Neil, the competitive nature ... read more

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Mediation Update 2019

Delivered by new lecturer Rupert Talbot-Garman MCIArb MCIL, Londo ... read more

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Compensation Claims

With all the attention paid to the increased fining powers of the ... read more

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Domain Names and Dispute Resolution Procedures

The interface between domain names and intellectual property righ ... read more

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Assisting the Judge at the Crown Court

Invaluable for anyone involved in advising in the area of crimina ... read more

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Advocacy in the Adult Magistrates’ Court Update

Essential for anyone involved in advocacy in the Adult Magistrate ... read more

£ 60

Advocacy in the Youth Court Update

Essential for anyone involved in advising in the area of Youth Co ... read more

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Dealing With Security Breaches Under the GDPR

One of the most important changes introduced by the General Data ... read more

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Digital Content - The Key Provisions

According to the Consumer Rights Act: Digital Content Guidance fo ... read more

£ 60

Distance Contracts - Avoiding the Pitfalls

The supply of goods, digital content and services to consumers vi ... read more

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COLP - Your Duties Update 2019

COLPs (Compliance Officers for Legal Practice) have always had a ... read more

£ 100

COFA - Your Duties Update 2019

COLPs (Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration) are oft ... read more

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SRA Management Course Stage 1 2019

The Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority Competency Framework has o ... read more

£ 199

Placement and Adoption - Do you tell the father and family?

Cases involving placement and adoption, can be complicated and no ... read more

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