Skills analysis and HR best practice

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Course Overview

This course will examine skills analysis and why it is important as well as the basic process if skills analysis and how that analysis can be conducted.

What are the requirements?

  • This course has been accredited with one CPD hour

Learning Outcomes

  • Topics include:

    • What is skills analysis?
    • Self applied/ self testing and second party tests
    • Why is skills analysis so important for an organisation?
    • Why skills analysis is essential to your organisation
    • Changes to the skills required
    • The basic process of skills analysis
      • What skills do you need?
      • What skills do you have?
      • Determine development needs
      • Setting objectives
      • Advantages and disadvantages
      • Effective communication
    • Carrying out skills analysis and the steps to take
      • The skills
      • Determining development needs
    • Considering the tools that you can use such as SWOT analysis and Johari Window

What is the target audience?

  • Practitioners



About Instructor - Sue Edwards

Susan Edwards is a solicitor and entrepreneur who founded Law Hound Ltd, an online organisation which has taken a fresh approach to supplying law and compliance training in a no-nonsense and commercial way.

Course Curriculum

Skills analysis and HR best practice

  • Webinar- Skills analysis and HR best practice for lawyers
  • Notes- Skills analysis and HR best practice
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