Claims Arising from Lack of Consent

Claims Arising from Lack of Consent

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Course Overview

Every patient has a fundamental right to determine whether or not to undergo a particular procedure and it is the clinician’s duty to seek consent before taking action. The consequences if a clinician acts without consent can include criminal or civil proceedings.

Consent is only valid if the patient has received full and frank information regarding what the procedure entails and the risks involved. If a clinician fails to fails to warn the patient of a particular risk and that risk materialises, the patient may be able to bring a negligence claim on the basis that had a warning about a particular risk been given, the patient would not have agreed to undergo the procedure and therefore the complication would never have occurred.

Proving that a clinician has breached of their duty of care, that the breach caused harm and the extent of the harm caused is easier said than done.

This course will ensure that practitioners who are new to this area of law are aware of the importance of consent and the issues which can arise if this is not sought or properly obtained.

Delivered by experienced solicitor and former NHS consultant and lecturer Alison Joyce, this course will provide viewers with an overview of what consent is, whether this is valid and the circumstances in which consent cannot be obtained. Alison will also provide practical guidance on how to successfully bring a negligence claim as a result of a lack of consent.

This course will also be suitable for more experienced practitioners who would like to refresh their knowledge of this crucial area of clinical negligence practice as it will discuss the difficulties which practitioners may face when trying to prove a negligence claim and what you can do to address these issues.

What are the requirements?

  • Watch 1 hour recorded webinar

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a greater understanding of the issue which consent can pose in respect of negligence claims

What is the target audience?

  • Clinical negligence practitioners


About Instructor - Alison Joyce

Alison is a qualified solicitor with extensive experience in the fields of clinical negligence law, risk management and compliance. Alison has previously held two positions in the NHS; Claims Manager and Governance Leader, and now provides specialist advice on a consultancy basis to the healthcare sector and to law firms through her company A Joyce Compliance and Risk Ltd.

Course Curriculum

Claims Arising from Lack of Consent

  • Webinar- Claims Arising From Lack of Consent
  • Evaluation- Consent Arising From Lack Of Consent
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  • Slides- Consent Arising From Lack Of Consent
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