Is there life after law

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Course Overview

Before embarking on a potentially life changing course of action, it is crucial that you determine what you want. Experienced lecturer Sue Edwards will assist viewers ask the right questions about their future in respect of employment and will highlight the importance of planning when it comes to getting the job that you really want.

Aimed at those thinking of advancing their career either within or outside of the legal profession, this course will also be of interest to those considering changing career paths entirely as it will provide practical advice on how to source and apply for new employment opportunities.

This course will discuss what you must consider when applying for a specific job vacancy including who are you applying to and why are you applying for this particular role. Guidance will also be provided on interview techniques and how to make sure you market yourself correctly.

What are the requirements?

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:

    • Be aware of the best practices to adopt when applying for job vacancies
    • Be able to ensure that your CV works to your advantage
    • Understand the concept of personal branding
    • Know how to manage and promote your personal brand
    • Know where to look when researching prospective job opportunities

What is the target audience?

  • This course will be of interest to all members of the legal profession.



About Instructor - Sue Edwards

Susan Edwards is a solicitor and entrepreneur who founded Law Hound Ltd, an online organisation which has taken a fresh approach to supplying law and compliance training in a no-nonsense and commercial way.

Course Curriculum

Is there life after law

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  • Webinar- Is there life after law. Best practices in applying for jobs
  • Notes- Is there life after law? Best practices in applying for vacancies
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