5 Reasons Why You Need Data Protection Training For Your Organisation

GDPR diagram showing key parts of General Data Protection Regulation

Implementing data protection training online in your organisation is a great way to get yourself and your staff up-to-date and working in line with the latest Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 as well as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

What’s the Point?

Data has never been as precious a resource as it is now in the 21st century, with data now surpassing oil as the world’s most valuable resource . With this in mind it then becomes important to make sure organisations and individuals within them are aware of the standards and regulations put in place to enable them to protect their clients’ valuable data and avoid the serious repercussions in place to prevent the mishandling of this sensitive information.

Since the new 2018 Data Protection Act came into effect, an update from the outdated 1998 Act, we’ve already seen the first high profile offender, British Airways lose approximately 500,000 customers’ data which has resulted in the Information Commissioner’s Office issuing a eye-watering £183 million fine.

The severity of this penalty is a result of the new DPA 2018 Act’s new consequence for companies failing to protect customer data which states they can issue fines of up to 4% of the offending organisation’s turnover in the preceding financial year, a crippling blow to any organisation.

Benefits of Data Protection Training

The benefits of having data protection training cannot be overstated then, considering the new penalties for offending organisations that are in place. These benefits include:

  • Higher job fulfilment among employees who know they are adhering to correct practice and rules regarding GDPR
  • Improved consumer confidence and trustworthiness
  • Potential to boost the reputation of the organisation as being a industry leader in regard to data protection
  • Improved processes and actions inside the organisation
  • Improved data security and lower risk of a data breach

Data Protection Training in the UK

Given the Information Commissioner’s Office penalties for breaching the Data Protection Act 2018, its no surprise that they view data protection training as being a mandatory requirement for organisations in the UK. This means that all companies must be able to demonstrate that they are complying with the 2018 regulation, which means that implementing a data protection training course online for your organisation and staff would satisfy the ICO and prevent any crippling consequences heading your way.

A great place to start in regards to Data Protection Training online is through Datalaw’s online CPD training in GDPR which will give your staff everything they need to know in order to keep in check with the new regulations and avoid those penalties.

Theses GDPR CPD courses can be found here.

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